What We Do

Here at the Fab Lab we have many different skills and services available.
Below is a list of the more common things we are asked for.
But if you can’t see the service you require, get in touch and we will see what we can do.

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Paint & Finish

Here at the Lab we are specialists in paint.
With our own on-site spray & bake facilities, we can ensure that your project gets the perfect finish.
From full car resprays down to repairing carpark dings, we can do it all.
Get in touch today for a quote.

Accident Damage Repairs

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that despite our best intentions, cars and motorbikes get pranged.
So as well as the mad full custom creations, we also do accident damage repairs.
And unlike most of our competition, we are always showing off the kind of finish we can achieve, so you can be sure of a top quality repair;
Just take a look at our build gallery to see for yourself!
If you’ve got some damage that needs fixing, drop us a line and we will book you in for a no obligation estimate.

Banded Steel & Custom Wheels, plus Wheel Repairs

We’ve done hundred of these over the years and have got the process down to a fine art; so much so Jo custom built machine to cut & weld banded wheels.
We also TIG weld damaged alloy wheels too.
Contact us with your requirements for the best price around.

Roof Chops & Suicide Doors

There aren’t many around that can pull off door flips and roof chops – this is a highly specialised skill, mastered over many years work.
Lucky for you that we’ve got those skills and without sounding too modest, we are simply the best in the business.
Custom work like this is what we live for.
Check out our build gallery for exmaples then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Full Vehicle Restorations

Over the years we have done countless full restorations on many different makes and model of vehicle; cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans – you name it, we’ve done it.
And not just bodywork – check out our Cadillac x Mustang build for example.
Classic Ford and VW are some of our most frequent resto jobs, but we will take on any vehicle.

Custom BMX Paddock-Bikes

Our custom BMX machines, coupled with petrol engine are something we’re really proud of at the Lab.
In fact it’s where we began our friendship with some bloke called Guy Martin.
Each build is unique, with design inspiration taken from classic BMX models and then constructed from scratch to make a unique product.
We hand-build all the frames ourselves from raw materials, never adapting old bike frames.
I love these so much I built a Haro inspired bike for myself and got it signed by Bob Haro himself!

VW Camper Rock & Roll Beds

Don’t come knockin’ if the van is rockin’!
We build these for any VW or other camper, often much cheaper than you will find online or at shows.
So if you need a bed, get in touch for a competetive price!